Saturday, 13 December 2008

Col's Creature Watch #2

After the adventure of the first week and the unwanted house invader, I am pleased to report that there are less intimidating creatures in this blog entry. After the scorpion the only other large insect we have had in the house is this multi-legged fellow:

However, as I'm sure that I read somewhere that centipedes can give you a nasty bite, we took no chances. No, we didn't squash him, we put him out in the garden where he belongs.

And while I'm on the subject of the garden, we have this strange looking spider for company on the bench there:

Despite looking like the logo for batman, she appears to be a spiny orb-weaver.


Moz said...

How cool!!
We discussed your scorpion incident in UTH the other week and decided you should put scales like rulers or coins in next to them so we can judge how scared we should be ;-)

Col said...

Do you really think I was going to put my hand next to the scorpion in order to place a coin or ruler??? :-)
Anyway, I'm glad I'm still able to assist in creating UTH discussion even from thousands of miles away. Hope you had an Ossian for me.