Thursday, 4 December 2008

Dings that make you hmmm

From next week we are going to be attending Spanish lessons for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week for 2 weeks. So today we went into Heredia to scout the location of the school so that we don’t get lost on our first day. Addresses here are not like addresses in Scotland. That would be too easy. The clue is in the Spanish word for address: dirección. Addresses here are given as a set of directions e.g. 100m east of the football field, white house with blue trim. This is great, as long as you know where the football field is. And as long as you know that 100m doesn’t actually mean 100m (it actually means one block, which could be any distance at all, really). And as long as there is only one white house with blue trim in the vicinity…

There was also disappointment today when we discovered the microwave that we bought yesterday did not work. We bought the cheapest one in the shop (seeing as we are only going to need it for three months), so it is an old school turn the knob to set the time type. Unfortunately all it did when you turned the knob was go “ding”. Cue a return trip to the shop and a swap undertaken. Now we have a microwave that heats stuff up as it’s meant to (and still goes “ding” when finished).

And so to...

Zoë’s Spanish Phrase of the Day
Compramos este ayer pero no funciona. No hace nada.

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