Friday 5 December 2008

Power Walking

Today we decided to go to Mall Paseo de Los Flores as Colin wanted to get a surge protector with battery backup for our precious computers and the delightful Rana, as we believe the power here can be temperamental, and we knew that we would be able to get a good one there. Plus, we like malls.

To save us a little money, and because it was a nice morning, warm but with light drizzle here and there to cool us down, we decided to walk. After plotting the path on Google Earth, it turns out that this is a distance of about 2.67 miles (4.3km). It is nice to have the time to be able to walk somewhere as a form of transport. The surge protector (sistema de alimentación ininterrumpida) was no problem to purchase even with Colin’s language difficulties at the checkout.

While at the mall we enjoyed a couple of naturales. These are drinks made either with water or milk, fruit, ice and a little sugar (if necessary) all blended together. Much yummier than the ever present Coca Cola. We also noticed a little stall, which was not there on our last trip to this country, catering to the Costa Rican love of rice pudding (arroz con leche) by serving it in a positive myriad of variations. What appealed to us, however, was the name of the stall: Rice ‘n’ Smile. If we ever try it, we’ll be sure to update you.

We caught the bus back, partly because of the purchases we were carrying (which in addition to the sistema de alimentación ininterrumpida included two almohadas and a sartén) and partly because the sun was out now making it a lot hotter and putting us at greater risk of sunburn. We took two buses actually: the Ruta 400 to Heredia which cost 295 colones, and then the Ruta 434 to San Rafael which cost 190 colones. The cost of the two buses together equates to about £0.45 each. Is it possible to go anywhere on the bus in the UK for 45p?

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AW said...

Colin, Zoe, thank you for visiting our business in Paseo de las Flores in Heredia.
Please come back and try our Arroz con Leche! ;)

Enjoy the rest of your trip in Costa Rica.

Your friends at Rice 'n' Smile